About Caoimhe


Caoimhe | Fit Green Lean | nutrition, lifestyle, wellness in Singapore, Hong Kong, Asia & EuropeMy interest in health started at the start, when I was a kid growing up in Dublin. It wasn’t so much a proactive interest, it was more just our everyday lives at home as a family.  My folks were ahead of the curve and placed such a huge emphasis on feeding us right. 

They fed us incredibly healthy food, so much of which is only coming into the mainstream health sphere now in 2016. Everyday meals were supercharged- wholegrain, without sugar, stuffed full of good stuff like kefir, miso, filtered water, organic veg not to mention colour, vibrancy & flavour. There was nohing mindless about it, and at the same time we had all the normal treats other kids had too. Just not everyday and never in place of the healthy staples.


It’s this great start in health and nutrition that I become more and more grateful for all the time. And you know what? All my folks’ effort worked. We were truly never sick as a kids. On the odd occasion my brother, sister or I would be under the weather we were loaded up with nutrients and given homeopathic remedies or tissue salts well ahead of antibiotics. It’s so fantastic when I think of it now and is exactly the same plan of action I take with all my clients now. Let food and positive lifestyle be your medicine.

Growing up in a household focused on health I was lucky to automatically absorb so much knowledge about the affects of healthy food & a holistic lifestyle. It wasn’t until my own personal experience in my 20’s of overcoming a debilitating illness that I truly understood the immensity of our potential to heal ourselves and to thrive using food and positive lifestyle changes.

The illness I experienced hit me hard. It came suddenly and was overwhelming in its severity. I was told I would never recover. The first two years were the most severe and I was bedridden for the majority of the time. It was during this time that I realised my capability to take control over my own healing and recovery. I had a choice- I could let what was happening take over and succumb to the doctor’s diagnosis or I could make the decision I would get better and take control in the way I knew how. That way was through the food that I ate and the daily practices I was able to introduce as my strength gradually increased.

This experience shaped me. It led me to truly respect and embrace the impact we have on our lives with how we eat, think and behave. It led me to found Primal Food, a grain-free high-protein bakery, in Ireland in 2012 and to expand upon this drive to help people achieve their ultimate wellness by founding Fit Green Lean, a nutrition and wellness consultancy, in Hong Kong in early 2015.

Fit Green Lean is now based in Singapore working with clients both in person & online in Singapore, Hong Kong, greater Asia and Europe. Learn more about us here.