| High Protein Halloween Horrors | the spookiest healthiest grain free chocolate treats ever!!


These are hands down the best treats ever. Multi-functioning, multi-purpose, multi flavoured. Your new everything treat.


They’re high protein, grain-free and insanely easy to make. What’s more, if you shape them into scary ghostly ghouls like we have, what you’ve got is the easiest, healthiest & tastiest Halloween treat on the block.
Without further ado, here’s how:


<> 1 + 1/2 cups dried fruit – raisin, chopped figs, dates or prunes, unsulphured apricots, pears for lower sugar
<> 1 cup nuts – brazils, almonds, pistachio, walnuts…even peanuts if that’s how you roll
<> 1/2 cup beans rinsed and drained well- cannellini, kidney, pinto, black…
<> 2 tbsp cocoa – use carob if you want a caffeine free/AIP option
<> 1 tsp cinnamon 
<> orange zest – use half or a whole big navel orange
<> sunflower seeds/ sliced almonds, goji berries, mulberries, coconut butter to decorate. [you can improvise with whatever fruit + nuts you have in the press]
<> pinch sea salt
<> 1/2 cup vegan protein powder

How to:
1 <> throw it all in a food processor + blend until you have a smooth healthy high protein chocolate dough.
2 <> take heaped tsps of dough, roll into balls + slice into two, creating little hemispheres…or ghoulish faces.
3 <> last step DECORATE! make them as scary as you can. here’s how…

<>dracula<>to give them their undead white faces dip them in coconut butter/oil & let harden in the fridge or freezer. poke holes for eyes with a chop stick and make dracula fangs using sunflower seeds on their sides.
<>blood thirsty zombies<> to make eyes cut mulberries or gojis in half. press them down leaving the cut side facing up for extra googley eye effect. use sliced/flaked almond on their sides for razor sharp teeth. 
<>devilish demons<> 
poke holes for eyes with a chopstick, cut goji berries lengthways to make terrifying toothy mouths. to finish off scary get up, use the pointy ends of whole gojis for devil ears.


Not only are these ghoulish devils scarily healthy, with extra protein and cinnamon to keep blood sugars steady for your horror flick marathon, they also keep fresh for ages. 4 months easily in the fridge, even longer in the freezer.

And if you love how they taste and can’t wait another 12 months for Halloween to roll around again, fear not! Make up the same base dough and either shape into truffle balls or roll out between two sheets of parchment paper and slice into posh after dinner petit four. They also make whopper workout energy bites.

Change up the flavour by swapping the orange zest for :
//1 tablespoon ground or instant coffee for extra oomph
//4 tablespoons whiskey/cointreau for an adult edge
//1/8 tsp chilli powder for a spicey kick…it’s limitless really!!


Have a super spooky fantastic Halloween!


KEFIR | the ultimate [and easiest] how-to guide | part I

milk kefir jar

Kefir | the ultimate [and easiest] how-to guide |

Whether you’ve heard of kefir before or not, there’s just one thing you need to remember.
It’s gonna change your life.

Call it what you like kee-fer or keff-ir, drinking this supercharged fermented elixir elevates your body,  immune system & energy levels into the stratosphere. If there’s one habit I’d recommend EVERYONE to include in their daily life. This is it!
Kefir come in two general types, milk + water grains. Not to worry if you don’t do dairy, you can still enjoy the milky strain. These little kefir grains love to get their ferment on in coconut milk too.


kefir grain close up


This week we’ll start with MILK KEFIR.

What exactly is it?

Kefir Grains are a combination of bacteria and yeast which form into little jelly like structures (that look a bit like cauliflower) called grains. When placed in milk, these kefir grains metabolise various sugars in the milk (lactose in the case of dairy milk), turning the milk into a slightly acidic drink brim full of supercharged gut beneficial bacteria .

So long story short, they chow down on the milk and produce probiotics in return in the form of a drink called Kefir.


How to prepare:

here’s what you need~ 
kefir grains, 1/4-1 tsp to begin
milk of choice – non dairy [coconut- fresh, canned or UHT // soya- fresh, carton – non GMO + organic // cashew – homemade // etc] , dairy [cow, sheep, goat- all preferably organic or raw although normal milk will do]
glass jars
plastic strainer
plastic spoons [kefir doesn’t react so well with metal so try to use high quality BPA free plastic utensils]
lid or clean cotton/muslin + elastic bands

this is what you need to do~
1// sterilise all the equipment
with hot water
2// place the kefir in the cooled glass jar
3// pour milk of choice on top.
cover with lid or cloth fixed with an elastic band around the mouth of the jar
4// let is ferment on the counter top for 1-3 days depending on the temperature in your kitchen and how tangy you like it [ warmer = quicker fermentation ]

5// decant the fermented kefir through the sieve into a clean jar. use the plastic spoon to gently work it all through the sieve revealing your kefir grains again.
6// finally place the kefir back into a sterilised glass jar and begin the process all over again.
7// store in the fridge. SIMPLE.


How to eat, drink + enjoy:

There are basically endless ways to enjoy your kefir. It’s your new best friend for sure. Try these suggestions:
// drink just as it is, or with added juice, sweeteners or stevia. start off slowly as your stomach and digestive system gets used to the supercharged health effects
// mix with olive oil, spices and herbs to use a dressing for salad, tempeh, steak…
// mix with nut butter + cocoa to make a probiotic whopper chocolate spread
// add to your fav smoothie
// use as you would any other cold milk or yoghurt product

+++read the extra tips below for more details on how to ferment like a pro.


Once you have your production/consumption show in full, effortless, swing I’ll cover off other must know info, such as:
~Water Kefir- How to ferment like a PRO.
~how to grow your kefir grains so you can bring your fermentation adventures to another level or share the grains with friends
~how to consume for optimal benefit
~how to incorporate kefir into other recipes- making fermented food a ubiquitous staple in your kitchen
~why you should have a few varieties kefir on the go at the same time
~troubleshooting 101



if you use a lid with the glass jar ensure that there is room for gases to escape. last thing you want is a milky kefir explosion when you open the jar to decant. if you do this you need to keep the jar in a cupboard where no insects or fruit flies can get inside and infest your grains.

don’t heat your kefir. heating will destroy all the live probiotics, which are the exact reason kefir is so fantastic in the first place. this explains why pasteurising kefir is so counterproductive. shop bought kefir, I’m looking at you! duh!

store your final decanted fermented milk drink in the fridge. keep the ongoing brew of kefir grains mixed with milk at room temperate.

using non dairy milks can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. almond or hemp milk from cartons have never produced good results for me, for instance. shop bought dairy milk alternatives tend to have a whopper load of ingredients in them from sweeteners, thickeners and emulsifiers to low quality vitamins. kefirs like to keep things simple so try to choose a milk with fewer and higher quality ingredients

keep all your equipment used during the fermenting process separate from other utensils and sterilise with hot water/vinegar before each use. kefir is a particular mix of bacteria and yeast so understandably they don’t like other bacteria invading their turf. also make sure to replace any scratched or damaged utensils with fresh new ones. fermentation hygiene is the way to go!

++++If you’re in Singapore, Hong Kong, UK or Ireland drop me a line to request some kefir grains of your very own~  hello@fitgreenlean.com


| PARTY FOOD | smokey grilled tempeh + tangy olive dip



This is such a simple and incredibly moreish party snack to whip up for friends at any weekend get together. It tastes equally great as posh nosh nibbled with cocktails, as it does munched on the couch watching your favourite box set ( it’s got to be this one )

The old reliable chips & dips gets a black tie make over.
The ultimate 5 minute sophisticated party snack.

| recipe |🍴Smokey grilled tempeh & a tangy olive oil dip🍴
difficulty: * really easy
time: 2 mins to prep, 3-5 mins to grill
suitable for: autoimmune friendly (AIP), nut free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo, vegan,


tempeh- 3 or 4 x 200g blocks cut into thin strips (go for organic if you can find it)
spicy herb mix – a big sprinkle of each of these :
ground chipotle (mix smoked paprika mixed w/ chilli powder if you don’t have chipotle)
dried basil
sea salt
black pepper

olive oil
liquid from a jar of capers
1:1 ratio, approx 75 mls of each.

how to:
toss the tempeh strips in the spices + grill until crispy about 3-5mins
mix the olive oil with liquid from the capers et voila…ready to serve

These stay crispy when cool so make them in 5 mins the afternoon before your get together so you can chill before your guests arrive.

Final Verdict: WINNER!

Haze Warriors Unite!

hazewarriors collage pic

Beating THE HAZE, one tip at a time


It’s one of those universal facts. Every city has their must talk about topic, don’t they?! The one you need to get out of the way at the start of every new conversation. Mostly it’s the weather.

Well it is for me, having come from colder climes [hello Ireland!] and been living in warmer [aka sweatier] locations [Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore] these past few years, the weather is an inevitable one to get out of the way first thing. Sometimes it’s me having a little ‘moment’ either out of the pure thrill of living in an endless summer or a from a momentary heat induced melt down. Other times it’s a client / local / well adjusted expat who thinks I’ve come from living in the sub zero temperatures of the Tundra [Ireland is really not that cold] and wants to know how me and my pale freckled skin kin are surviving the humidity.

That was about it for the weather chats, well until I arrived back to Singapore last week that is, and was greeted by THE HAZE.

| The Haze blanketing downtown Singapore |


Rather than indulging in a whinge fest about how bad it is on so many levels I’m more of a problem:solution type of girl I’m sharing some tips to help you take the proactive approach. There are lots of simple things you can do while the haze’s game is strong to reduce the negative effects on your health and reclaim a bit of normality. Pick and choose from these Fit Green Lean tips to put yourself back in command and keep an eye on our instagram feed for the latest updates in our #HazeWarriors tips series.


The Haze- Oil Diffuser Big

Tip #1: Detox your air with a pure essential oil explosion!



Pump cleansing + invigorating pure essential oils into the air, using a diffuser or oil burner. 💥💫💥Not only to revive your senses while the pollution tries to drown them out but also to cleanse pollutants from your workspace, home or gym.💦🌀💨 .

Tag & share your ideas for beating the haze over on instagram or twitter with #hazewarriors . Share the knowledge!


Plug yourself in & Power yourself up with a pure green smoothie…AKA the #FitGreenLean Smoothie on Steroids.⚡🌱⚡🌱⚡🌱

Your body will be in overdrive trying to filter out all the dirt in the air so aim to lower all additional stressors on your body by ditching the fruit⛔ (blood sugar spinner🍭🎃) & adding some lush fats (hello avocado 😃) to your green vit hit.💥🌱🍹⚡.

Whopper flavour in this #smoothie comes thanks to some fresh mint tea + a few drops of pure peppermint essential oil.

Boom, no sugar necessary!🚫💥💪🌟. #support your body! Ditch the fruit + Supercharge your smoothies with pure greens instead. 🍀🌱🍀🌱🍀



| NO SUGAR with a surprise flavour booster |                                                                                                                                                               Ingredients:
✅3 sticks of celery chopped🌿
✅1 lemon peeled🍋
✅half a cucumber
✅half a courgette/zucchini
✅big bunch of baby water spinach
✅1 cup of mint tea added to homebrew coconut water kefir + water. approx 700ml in total depending on how thick you like your smoothie.🌀💦🌀

How to:

✅BLEND until smooth! 🌀🌀🌀

🍋🍋If u like to up your protein like me, add a few tbsps of your fav protein powder- gelatine/ collagen/ sprouted brown rice/ pea etc🍋🍋


Keep an eye on our instagram @fitgreenlean_nutrition as well as our twitter @fitgreenlean and facebook.com/fitgreenlean for the latest tips in our #HAZEWARRIORS : Beat The Haze Series!



INSTANT LUNCH SERIES | The Quickest Keto Salad Ever |cauliflower, tuna, avocado, olive|

Keto Tuna Cauli Olive Salad

instant lunch series:

super simple cauliflower & tuna keto salad

to explode your afternoon

| cauliflower, tuna, avocado, olive |


This is the first recipe from our new INSTANT LUNCH series. The truth is that even as a health & food obsessed nutritionist it’s easy to kink of resent lunch. It’s just the time that it takes time and how it can stop you in your work/workout flow. Well, that is unless lunch is something mega bright, uplifting, easy to digest and on top of that, takes less than 5 mins to whip up. When it ticks those boxes I’m all for it!
So we’re agreed! Time is a luxury. Let’s make the most of it with this (almost) instant salad.


difficulty: * easy
time: 5-10 mins to prep
suitable for: Autoimmune friendly (AIP), nut free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo, Keto, GAPS, Low Carb

the what + why:
avocado > Vit K for bone strength, increased insulin sensitivity & reduced inflammation.
cauliflower > whopper doses of the antioxidant Vit C for an immune system boost
tuna > approx 22g/100g of protein for steady blood sugar & muscle repair


  • 1/2 cauliflower steamed/simmered in water or microwaved for 3-4 mins^^
  • 1 tin of good quality tuna in spring water, brine or extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 avocado chopped
  • handful of slice olives with some liquid from the jar

how to:

  • throw it all together & scoff

^^ I wouldn’t normally recommend microwaving any food…ever…BUT when it comes to getting on with your day and making great food choices it’s definitely ok to bend the rules sometimes. After all there are more nutrients remaining in a ‘home cooked’ microwaved veg than there in a processed crappy sandwich from the shops any day!