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Haze Warriors Unite!

Beating THE HAZE, one tip at a time


It’s one of those universal facts. Every city has their must talk about topic, don’t they?! The one you need to get out of the way at the start of every new conversation. Mostly it’s the weather.

Well it is for me, having come from colder climes [hello Ireland!] and been living in warmer [aka sweatier] locations [Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore] these past few years, the weather is an inevitable one to get out of the way first thing. Sometimes it’s me having a little ‘moment’ either out of the pure thrill of living in an endless summer or a from a momentary heat induced melt down. Other times it’s a client / local / well adjusted expat who thinks I’ve come from living in the sub zero temperatures of the Tundra [Ireland is really not that cold] and wants to know how me and my pale freckled skin kin are surviving the humidity.

That was about it for the weather chats, well until I arrived back to Singapore last week that is, and was greeted by THE HAZE.


| The Haze blanketing downtown Singapore |


Rather than indulging in a whinge fest about how bad it is on so many levels I’m more of a problem:solution type of girl I’m sharing some tips to help you take the proactive approach. There are lots of simple things you can do while the haze’s game is strong to reduce the negative effects on your health and reclaim a bit of normality. Pick and choose from these Fit Green Lean tips to put yourself back in command and keep an eye on our instagram feed [1] for the latest updates in our #HazeWarriors tips series.


The Haze- Oil Diffuser Big [2]

Tip #1: Detox your air with a pure essential oil explosion!



Pump cleansing + invigorating pure essential oils into the air, using a diffuser or oil burner. 💥💫💥Not only to revive your senses while the pollution tries to drown them out but also to cleanse pollutants from your workspace, home or gym.💦🌀💨 .

Tag & share your ideas for beating the haze over on instagram [1] or twitter [3] with #hazewarriors . Share the knowledge!


Plug yourself in & Power yourself up with a pure green smoothie…AKA the #FitGreenLean Smoothie on Steroids.⚡🌱⚡🌱⚡🌱

Your body will be in overdrive trying to filter out all the dirt in the air so aim to lower all additional stressors on your body by ditching the fruit⛔ (blood sugar spinner🍭🎃) & adding some lush fats (hello avocado 😃) to your green vit hit.💥🌱🍹⚡.

Whopper flavour in this #smoothie comes thanks to some fresh mint tea + a few drops of pure peppermint essential oil.

Boom, no sugar necessary!🚫💥💪🌟. #support your body! Ditch the fruit + Supercharge your smoothies with pure greens instead. 🍀🌱🍀🌱🍀



| NO SUGAR with a surprise flavour booster |                                                                                                                                                               Ingredients:
✅3 sticks of celery chopped🌿
✅1 lemon peeled🍋
✅half a cucumber
✅half a courgette/zucchini
✅big bunch of baby water spinach
✅1 cup of mint tea added to homebrew coconut water kefir + water. approx 700ml in total depending on how thick you like your smoothie.🌀💦🌀

How to:

✅BLEND until smooth! 🌀🌀🌀

🍋🍋If u like to up your protein like me, add a few tbsps of your fav protein powder- gelatine/ collagen/ sprouted brown rice/ pea etc🍋🍋


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