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| High Protein Halloween Horrors | the spookiest healthiest grain free chocolate treats ever!!

These are hands down the best treats ever. Multi-functioning, multi-purpose, multi flavoured. Your new everything treat.

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They’re high protein, grain-free and insanely easy to make. What’s more, if you shape them into scary ghostly ghouls like we have, what you’ve got is the easiest, healthiest & tastiest Halloween treat on the block.
Without further ado, here’s how:

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<> 1 + 1/2 cups dried fruit – raisin, chopped figs, dates or prunes, unsulphured apricots, pears for lower sugar
<> 1 cup nuts – brazils, almonds, pistachio, walnuts…even peanuts if that’s how you roll
<> 1/2 cup beans rinsed and drained well- cannellini, kidney, pinto, black…
<> 2 tbsp cocoa – use carob if you want a caffeine free/AIP option
<> 1 tsp cinnamon 
<> orange zest – use half or a whole big navel orange
<> sunflower seeds/ sliced almonds, goji berries, mulberries, coconut butter to decorate. [you can improvise with whatever fruit + nuts you have in the press]
<> pinch sea salt
<> 1/2 cup vegan protein powder

How to:
1 <> throw it all in a food processor + blend until you have a smooth healthy high protein chocolate dough.
2 <> take heaped tsps of dough, roll into balls + slice into two, creating little hemispheres…or ghoulish faces.
3 <> last step DECORATE! make them as scary as you can. here’s how…

<>dracula<>to give them their undead white faces dip them in coconut butter/oil & let harden in the fridge or freezer. poke holes for eyes with a chop stick and make dracula fangs using sunflower seeds on their sides.
<>blood thirsty zombies<> to make eyes cut mulberries or gojis in half. press them down leaving the cut side facing up for extra googley eye effect. use sliced/flaked almond on their sides for razor sharp teeth. 
<>devilish demons<> 
poke holes for eyes with a chopstick, cut goji berries lengthways to make terrifying toothy mouths. to finish off scary get up, use the pointy ends of whole gojis for devil ears.

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Not only are these ghoulish devils scarily healthy, with extra protein and cinnamon to keep blood sugars steady for your horror flick marathon, they also keep fresh for ages. 4 months easily in the fridge, even longer in the freezer.

And if you love how they taste and can’t wait another 12 months for Halloween to roll around again, fear not! Make up the same base dough and either shape into truffle balls or roll out between two sheets of parchment paper and slice into posh after dinner petit four. They also make whopper workout energy bites.

Change up the flavour by swapping the orange zest for :
//1 tablespoon ground or instant coffee for extra oomph
//4 tablespoons whiskey/cointreau for an adult edge
//1/8 tsp chilli powder for a spicey kick…it’s limitless really!!


Have a super spooky fantastic Halloween!