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INSTANT LUNCH SERIES | The Quickest Keto Salad Ever |cauliflower, tuna, avocado, olive|

instant lunch series:

super simple cauliflower & tuna keto salad

to explode your afternoon

| cauliflower, tuna, avocado, olive |


This is the first recipe from our new INSTANT LUNCH series. The truth is that even as a health & food obsessed nutritionist it’s easy to kink of resent lunch. It’s just the time that it takes time and how it can stop you in your work/workout flow. Well, that is unless lunch is something mega bright, uplifting, easy to digest and on top of that, takes less than 5 mins to whip up. When it ticks those boxes I’m all for it!
So we’re agreed! Time is a luxury. Let’s make the most of it with this (almost) instant salad.


difficulty: * easy
time: 5-10 mins to prep
suitable for: Autoimmune friendly (AIP), nut free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo, Keto, GAPS, Low Carb

the what + why:
avocado > Vit K for bone strength, increased insulin sensitivity & reduced inflammation.
cauliflower > whopper doses of the antioxidant Vit C for an immune system boost
tuna > approx 22g/100g of protein for steady blood sugar & muscle repair


how to:

^^ I wouldn’t normally recommend microwaving any food…ever…BUT when it comes to getting on with your day and making great food choices it’s definitely ok to bend the rules sometimes. After all there are more nutrients remaining in a ‘home cooked’ microwaved veg than there in a processed crappy sandwich from the shops any day!