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This is such a simple and incredibly moreish party snack to whip up for friends at any weekend get together. It tastes equally great as posh nosh nibbled with cocktails, as it does munched on the couch watching your favourite box set ( it’s got to be this one )

The old reliable chips & dips gets a black tie make over.
The ultimate 5 minute sophisticated party snack.

| recipe |🍴Smokey grilled tempeh & a tangy olive oil dip🍴
difficulty: * really easy
time: 2 mins to prep, 3-5 mins to grill
suitable for: autoimmune friendly (AIP), nut free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo, vegan,


tempeh- 3 or 4 x 200g blocks cut into thin strips (go for organic if you can find it)
spicy herb mix – a big sprinkle of each of these :
ground chipotle (mix smoked paprika mixed w/ chilli powder if you don’t have chipotle)
dried basil
sea salt
black pepper

olive oil
liquid from a jar of capers
1:1 ratio, approx 75 mls of each.

how to:
toss the tempeh strips in the spices + grill until crispy about 3-5mins
mix the olive oil with liquid from the capers et voila…ready to serve

These stay crispy when cool so make them in 5 mins the afternoon before your get together so you can chill before your guests arrive.

Final Verdict: WINNER!

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by The Big Noise

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