Rainbow Bright Probiotic Coconut Milk


nutrient infused rainbow coconut milks

to soothe + boost digestion

| turmeric, beetroot + freshly pressed coconut milk |


You really can’t beat the complete colour frenzy of flavoured coconut milk. Especially when you use the likes of turmeric + beetroot… As the old saying goes ‘you know you’re on to a winner when it’s a super booster ingredient that refuses to wash out of your favourite white T’ …ehem…

Immaculate threads beware…although the actual dangers of splatter painting your bright whites are pretty slim, unless, that is, you get carried away by the excitement of a milk that’s technicolor as well as being loaded with health boosters. These mega milks are anti inflammatory, increase stamina, are probiotic…and whoop, also dairy, sugar + nut free to boot.

Beetroot juice contains nitrate which reduces the amount of oxygen needed by our bodies when we’re exerting ourselves…so whether it’s today’s cardio session, tomorrow’s power vinyasa class, running for the bus or climbing lantau peak. however you move it’s proven to improve our stamina.
Plus it also makes a beautiful moreish pink milk!

Turmeric contains curcumin, a lovely compound which helps to block some of the processes in our cells which cause inflammation. An indispensable anti-inflammatory addition to your diet if you’re big on any the physical activities I’ve just mentioned, or suffer with arthritis among other auto immune conditions.
It’s a gem of a spice + makes a gorgeous vibrant golden milk!

So many reasons to give it a go. Here’s how-

| recipe |
difficulty: * easy
time: 10 mins to prep milk [optional 4-24 hours to ferment]
suitable for: Autoimmune friendly (AIP), nut free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo,

the what + why:
turmeric > anti inflammatory
beetroot > stamina
kefir > digestion boost


2 cups flaked or desiccated coconut [organic + unsulphured***]
4 cups hot water (not boiling, between 50-70C will do the trick)
1 tsp fresh lemon juice [about a standard lemon wedge amount]
1/8 tsp sunflower lecithin [completely optional- I get mine here [discount code: TSC558]
50 mls water kefir/kombucha [optional]

nutrient boosters:
1/8 wedge of beetroot finely grated + strained
1/4 tsp ground turmeric or 2cm piece of fresh turmeric finely grated + strained
sieve/ nut milk bag/ jelly strainer/ clean tea towel

how to:
soften + soak the coconut in two cups of hot water for about 5 mins. then tip it into your blender, add the other two cups of hot water along with the lemon + lecithin if using.

blend for about 3 mins (or longer if needed) until the water become white, coconutty + creamy.

next pour the milk through your strainer of choice. I use a jelly straining bag. just like a nut milk bag only tons cheaper.

Split your milk into three equal portions. I pour mine into empty + cleaned raw cider vinegar bottles.
Leave one portion plain, add the beetroot juice concentrate to the second batch + shake. Finally add the turmeric powder or turmeric juice concentrate to the last portion + shake, shake, shake.

You can use these fab milks everywhere you’d use other milks like dairy/ almond or soya. The fresh taste + health benefits of making your own will make you ditch that shop bought milk every time!

***unsulphured coconut would be best but don’t sweat it unless you are especially sensitive to sulphites. don’t know if it’s a problem for you. here’s self check: do you end up with glowing red cheeks after some vinegars, mustards…and wine?]

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