Restaurants + Cafes

// Want to completely innovate & create a new menu to add extra spark to your brand?

// How about sexing up your existing menu by adding healthier options to meet your customers’ broadening expectations for wider choice?

// Or are you keen to grab the latest food trend exploding on instagram and need a strategically planned approach to increase your business’ profile and drive traffic?

Healthy food is now the norm. It’s no longer just the preserve of specialised organic or vegetarian restaurants. Customers have more sophisticated tastes and demand options which are aligned with their lifestyles and don’t want to compromise on their health & fitness objectives whether they are grabbing a quick smoothie or lunch on the go or sitting down to a date night dinner at the weekends.
We work to help you understand exactly what those needs are and how you can meet & exceed them by providing the right menu options to drive increased sales in your business.

Who we work with:
// juice, smoothie + salad bars
// office canteens + in-house catering
// hotels, bars, restaurants + cafes
// gyms + clubs
// events + promotions companies

Why work with us:
We work with in your remit and budget.
We keep things simple.
We give you the insight into what your customers really want
We help you evolve your business as your customers tastes + expectations evolve
We design everything BESPOKE to you


These are the principles that drive us.



Want to find our more?

We’ll ask you a few questions. You can ask us a few questions, giving you the time and space to decide whether our bespoke style of success driven nutrition is right for you and your business.

Contact us through our site // email // phone +65 8719 6701 or +852 9701 7315.